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Pissed and Proud
Released 1982

Pissed and Proud by Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Moped lads 
Banned from the pubs 
Elvis is dead 
Up yer bum 
Smash 'n' grab 
Run like hell 
Shit stirrer 
Intensive care 
Keep Britain untidy 
Leader of the gang 

Peter's comments

This as everyone knows is our first ever album, up until then, all we'd released was 'Elvis Is Dead' on 'Vaultage 78' and a few tracks on various 'Oi' compilations. I can't remember why we decided to make our first album a live one but I imagine that money had a lot to do with it. I personally hate live albums (except for these three: 'Space Ritual' by Hawkwind, 'Made In Japan' by Deep Purple and 'Live & Dangerous' by Thin Lizzy), which explains why I never listen to it. However, it allegedly captures us at our best and many fans still rate it as one of their favourites. It was actually recorded at two separate gigs in 1982 - Blackpool 'Up Yer Tower' and a gig in Hammersmith. A few overdubs and general 'cleaning-up' was done at Southern Studios in Wood Green, London. Barry Sage mixed and produced it. The cover photo was taken on Brighton Nudist Beach - you should see the uncensored pictures!!! If you look at my hand closely you will notice it's a bit bloody, reason for this is because I got run over on the way there!

The other photos on the sleeve contain some interesting personalities. Ogs is pictured in one photo with his then girlfriend Sue, who for a while ran our fan club. He's also pictured with Toot who at that time was our roadie, he's now the drum roadie (sorry, 'drum tec' as they say in the business) for Status Quo. There's also a picture of Walnut (Del's brother and our present roadie) cuddling up to my then girlfriend - Julie. Walnut must have been about 14 and looked it! Oh by the way, that picture of Ogs lying down on the beach? Yes, he is having a piss! All the other photos were taken from The Anarchy Ranch. All the lyrics are in my crap handwriting. All in all though it could have been a lot worse seeing as it was our first album. Long live The Soldiers Of Destruction and Merrydown cider!

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