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Released 1986

Soberphobia by Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Keys to the city 
Louise wouldn't like it 
Spirit of Keith Moon 
Allergic to life 
All about love 
He's on the whiskey (watch out) 
Every time I see her 
Ghost in my bedsit 
Every second counts 

Peter's comments

It was by now 1986 and despite various other releases, we had still really only made one 'studio' album, it was definitely about time to follow up 1983's 'South American Frogs'. Actually one of the reasons it took so long for the follow-up was that we seemed to be continually touring. When we weren't touring ourselves Del was playing with Flesh For Lulu which obviously made things a little difficult. 

We managed to find some time and locked ourselves away in Alaska Studios to write some new songs. We blagged some money from somewhere, in fact I think we used the profit from 'Loud Blaring Punk Rock' and together with Noel 'Asteroids' Thompson went off to the Greenhouse Studios in London. Once I'd done the guide vocals on all the tracks I fucked off back to Brighton and let the others get on with it. There's not too much point hanging about the studio unless you're actually doing anything and I think Del and Noel wanted me out of the way anyway. Obviously once Ogs had done all the drums he fucked off as well. 

I did hear this story about Trapper doing his bass! Del was in charge and once the drums were done he phoned up Trapper to come up and do the bass, Trapper arrived and between the three of them they got a decent bass sound and practised the songs all ready for the next day. The following day Del had to leave the studio for the whole day to go on an Enterprise Allowance Scheme seminar, "don't worry" says Trapper, "by the time you get back it'll all be done". So, much later in the evening Del arrives and true to his word, Trap has done it all, trouble is it sounds like shit, a complete fuck-up. Del is furious, he gets straight on the phone to Trapper who by this time is back in Brighton, Trapper's girlfriend is reluctant to get him out of the bath but caves in when she realises how serious Del is, "Get fucking back up here now and do it properly or you're out of the band" says Del. Following morning, a rather embarrassed Trapper arrives and a few dates later it's all sorted. 

Del then spends a further four days doing guitars and keyboards and then I get the call to come up. It takes about two days to sing all the songs apart from "All About Love" which Del sings, Marcus Mystery does some bits here an there and we get in Chris Gent to do some saxophone parts. Del and Noel do the mixing. The sleeve photos are done about a week later down in Brighton in the Gloucester Nightclub, if you look closely you'll notice the front picture has been 'doctored' for some reason, I had to be added to the picture which results in the end of Del's guitar going missing, bet you never noticed that before! 

I actually think this is one of our best albums ever, it features two of my all time favourite Test Tubes songs- "Louise Wouldn't Like It" and "Spirit Of Keith Moon". "Key To The City" was remixed as a 12" single - The Sigue Sigue Sputnik mix and sounds great. "He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out)" was inspired by Ogs, he always turned into a violent monster once he'd been on the scotch and we all used to be afraid, very afraid. Again this came out on our own label originally - "Hairy Pie Records" (same as "Loud Blaring...") and was later re-issued by Dojo Records. Another classic.

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