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Schwein Lake Live
Released 1996

Shwein Lake Live by Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Giving up drinking 
The jinx 
Never made it 
Vicars wank too 
Student wankers 
Shake my world 
Banned from the pubs 
Busy doing nothing 
Run like hell 
Spirit of Keith Moon 
Elvis is dead 
Blown out again 
Leader of the gang 

Peter's comments

Still on a high having made the fantastic 'Supermodels', the next job was to out promoting it. Hans unfortunately could not even go on tour with us, let alone join the band. Henry had set up our biggest ever tour for November and December, 25 shows with no days off! Now of course to bands like Iron Maiden or U2 this is probably just a jaunt but to lazy sods like us it was thrilling yet daunting. The album was due for release in Autumn '95 and the tour, TV, publicity, radio, press, etc., was all in place to promote it, but of course we still had no drummer. 

To make matters worse, Trap was also now a full-time roadie and out on tour on the other side of the world and Del was still living in Spain. As far as me and Del knew, Trapper was still in the band after all we'd more or less grown-up together, gone to school together, formed the band together and we'd just made our best album in years. Well it got to October and although I was talking to Trap on the phone, usually to places the other side of the world, it was getting more and more infrequent and he still would not give me a definite answer as to whether he would tour or not. I remember in the end I got hold of him in some hotel in Japan and begged him to do this tour. He had to give me an answer and after much umming and aahring he said he was sorry but no he couldn't make it, he had too much to lose. Too fucking right he had too much to being in a fucking band for a start!! Thing is Trapper was now in a position where money ruled his life, I best not elaborate further, so a right fucking mess now we were in. 

Time was running out and drastic measures were called for. Enter Rum and A.D. Me and Del had known Rum and A.D. for donkey's years, in fact A.D. once auditioned for us right back in the beginning and Rum we grew up with in Peacehaven. He was one of the original wild kids and in fact we shared a flat together for about four years. 

It just so happened they were also playing together in a band in Brighton and were definitely the best thing in that band. I approached them both and thankfully they jumped at the chance of joining the Test Tubes. Del flew back to Brighton and we rehearsed for a week at Esselle Studios, thank god for Kev Stagg, we done one warm up gig in Chelmsford which went well and then flew out to Germany. Walnut (Del's brother) was also with us as roadie. 

After a dodgy start in Holland the band soon gelled and we played better than ever. This album was recorded at the Feierwerk in Munich on the 12th of December 1995. We brought the tapes back to England and in early 1996 Del and Harvey Birrell mixed and produced it. I expect it sounds great and everyone says it does but as I've mentioned before, I hate live albums and I hate listening to ourselves live, anyway, I hope that you like it. 

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