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A Foot Full of Bullets
Released 2005

A Foot Full of Bullets by Peter and the Test Tube Babies

My unlucky day
Driven to beers
Minor celebrity
Ye olde pub rocker
Have and have nots
Smiling through the tears
Foot full of bullets
The mistress
Distorted view
Still love the pub
Traffic jam man
All about love

Peter's comments

We recorded this album at Ford Lane Studio in Ford, West Sussex, England, during June and July 2005. Ford is a typical English village. Its only claim to fame is its prison. There is only one pub, the excellent Ship and Anchor, where we were made most welcome. God only knows how many hours we sat outside composing/getting pissed on their fantastic local ales and cider while waiting for Rob to do some technical shit back at the studio. I heartily recommend this pub. 

Ford Lane Studio is actually managed by an old friend of ours Dave Burholt, or Big Dave as we call him. He and Caveman Dave used to be in a band together. The studio itself is set in an old farm and the whole vibe of the place is very laid back. It suited us perfectly. There are no distractions, no other bands coming and going and nobody poking their noses in wanting to know "how you're getting on lads".

Mind you, having said that, I was there one evening with Del and Rob when Rob was just about to put a guitar track on 'Have and Have Nots'. He seemed to be having a problem getting a good wah-wah sound from his pedal when in walked the owner of the studio with some prospective clients. The prospective client was a young guitarist with obviously rich parents, He offered to show Del how to get the best sound and started playing. We told him to carry on and recorded it. Fuck knows who he is but he's on the album now. 

Anyway, we are very very happy with the sound of this album which is obviously down to the studio itself, Rob the engineer and of course Del's production. 

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