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Fuck me my own page! What the fuck am I gonna put on here? 

Well actually I had a little think about it and realised that this is a perfect opportunity to let off steam, berate people when they've fucked up and to actually thank people when they deserve it. We are too quick, I think, to criticise and slag people off, yet we're a bit slow to actually thank people. So from now on if I think somebody has ripped me or the band off or just haven't done their job properly then I'll bloody well say it and fuck the consequences. 

Likewise, if I think someone's done a good job but it has gone unrecognised then I'll bloody well say that too. For example, when was the last time you ever saw a referee get awarded man of the match, even if they've impeccably refereed a match full of whining, overpaid tossers? I rest my case. So therefore look forward to men/women of the month and wankers of the month awards.

I guess another thing I could do with this page is to tell you all about myself. I had peek at Dave's page which only made me realise just how boring my life story is. It's surely of no interest to you lot. What I will tell you though is that I'm the best teacher of English to foreign students that there is. If you don't believe me, check out what some of my past students have to say on my, soon to be launched, website 

Then there's always the blog. To be honest a few months ago I didn't even know what a blog was. The insane offspring of a bloke and a toilet? To me it was always just news... Who fucking thought up that one? Oh well looks like we're all lumbered with writing them now. Anyway gotta go, dying for a beer.

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